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Tim Patrick spent twelve months plowing through fifty of the world’s most important and complicated books. He also writes books. For fun.

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Review #36: Ivanhoe

Is it possible for two cultures thrown together on a single landmass to mingle peacefully? What if the land is filled with armor-wearing knights?

Review #12: Leviathan

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Visual Studio Magazine

VSM: Experiencing Nothingness in C# and Visual Basic

In my recent Visual Studio Magazine article, I explore the concept of nothingness in the Visual Basic and C# languages.
Quick Mastery of Vocabulary

Review: Quick Mastery of Vocabulary

An introduction to 日本語単語スペード・マスター for Japanese students taking the JLPT N3 exam.
State of the Church 2016

Barna’s State of the Church 2016

The Barna Group releases the 2016 update to its annual analysis of the American church and religious beliefs in the US.
Visual Studio Magazine

VSM: Conflicts in C# and Visual Basic

My first in a series of articles written for Visual Studio Magazine. This one covers the exciting world of identifier naming conflicts.
Woodstock, North Dakota

Meme Clarity: Woodstock, North Dakota

The first installment of Meme Clarity looks at a recent viral image of the oil pipeline protests in North Dakota.
Site Refresh

Well-Read Man Site Refresh

Refreshing changes are coming to the Well-Read Man project site. More content. More beautiful. More well-read.
Unfair Wages

We Want Unfair Wages

During this election season, there have been a surprising number of calls for unfair wages. The demand shows up in candidate speeches and on protester placards. It's even found in the official platform of the Democratic Party.
Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015

New Book for C# Developers Now Available

Announcing Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015, the new book for beginning and intermediate C# developers, now available from Owani Press.