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Yard Signs

Undecided Voters Plan Final Tour, Analysis of Yard Signs

Unsure of how to vote this November, voters are looking to one source they know they can trust.

In Wikipedia We Trust

Wikipedia is fundraising again this year. Can you trust them?
America's Original Sin

Review: America’s Original Sin

In his recent book on racism, Jim Wallis, the editor of the progressive Christian magazine Sojourners, attempts to discover the root causes of our modern racial unrest.
Supreme Court Weakling

No More 98-Pound Supreme Court Weakling

Many American voters worry about the powerful changes that presidential candidates will make to the Supreme Court. But this was never supposed to be such a big deal.

Meme Clarity: The Very Definition of Clintonesque

This week's meme reaches deep into the dark cave of irony by using deceptive behavior to claim that Hillary Clinton engages in deceptive behavior.
Neville Marriner

An Ode to Soundtracks

Neville Marriner, the conductor responsible for my enjoyment of movie soundtracks, passed away last week at the age of 92.
Signing of the US Constitution

The President as the Tool of the Congress

The original vision of the president as proposed by the constitutional framers completely omitted the expressed will of the people.
Mela Coffee

A Visit to the Local Coffee Roaster

Last Thursday, September 29, was National Coffee Day, and to celebrate, I attended an open house hosted by a local coffee roaster.
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My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Software Development Corner

VSM: Tricks with Goto in Visual Basic and C#

Goto has a poor reputation in many programming languages, but it doesn't help when Visual Basic and C# don't agree on its use.