Year-Long Commitments

Sometimes it feels as long as 365 days

Year-Long Commitment

People make year-long commitments all the time, sometimes repeatedly. Consider these common 12-month endeavors.

  • Taking out a magazine subscription
  • Signing up for a sports club membership in mid-January
  • Going to school
  • Paying taxes while working 40 hours per week or more at a job

See, they’re all bad things. That’s why it’s so difficult to finally commit to something for a year or more. Embarking on this reading program is, to be completely frank, a little scary. I will need to read around one book each week, with no time off for good behavior. But just like signing up for a sports club, the benefits will outweigh the costs. I mean, taking out a magazine subscription, not going to a sports club. Sorry.

My Year With the Mouse
My Year With the Mouse

There are other people who are also engaging in a full year’s worth of repetitive activities, and are going the extra mile to blog about it. One such person right here in my homeland of Orange County is Shelby Hogan, a stay-at-home mom who will spend one year not really staying at home at all. She has committed to “do everything there is to do at Disneyland” in just one year. I picked reading, she picked Disneyland. I made the right choice. I made the right choice. I made the right choice.

Anyway, you can follow her adventures on her frequently-updated website, Stop by and encourage her. It can’t be easy visiting the happiest place on earth day in and day out.



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