Books as only a microwave oven could serve them


During my yearlong reading marathon, I will spend hours each day gulping down gallons of life-changing content. For those who prefer to have live changed in teacup sips, there’s DailyLit.com. This service delivers daily installments of classic and contemporary books to your inbox or RSS reader. Most selections are classic public domain works, and are delivered free of charge. Some modern selections, including a few Harlequin romances, can be had on a pay-per-read basis.

I have mixed feelings about this service. I’m glad that they provide yet another way for average readers to access great content. But if you’re like me, your inbox is already full of classic content, like, “I need that report on my desk by tomorrow morning or you’re fired. Sincerely, and with all the best to your family, your boss.” New installments might get mixed in with the detritus. But for those with a clean inbox, this delivery method might prove fruitful.

If you are looking for a way to get into the classics, and you just need a small push from something as lovable as your email client, give DailyLit.com a try.


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