Book Set #3 Revealed – Religion

Books 6 through 10 out of 50

Book Set 3 - Religion

Polite conversation typically excludes religion and politics. Fortunately, there’s no “polite conversation” rule here. In the third set of books for The Well-Read Man Project, I put the focus clearly on a cornucopia of religious views. The five selections listed here cover the religious preferences of a significant percentage of the earth’s faithful, with books from both monotheistic and polytheistic belief systems.

Here are the five religion-specific books that I will be reading, in order of their publication dates. (Click on a book to access its detail page.)

Book 6
Bhagavad Gita
by Anonymous
Book 7
The Confessions
by Augustine of Hippo
Book 8
The Qur’an
dictated by Mohammed
Book 9
The Divine Comedy
by Dante Alighieri
Book 10
Revelations of Divine Love
by Julian of Norwich

This set includes the project’s first female author: Julian of Norwich, a Christian mystic from the fourteenth century AD. I didn’t include any books in this section that represent an atheistic or agnostic worldview, but then again, those would need to be in the “Not Religion” section, not in the “Religion” section. There will be some selections in later sets that may warm the hearts of the non-faithy.


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