Book Set #4 Revealed – Government and Politics

Books 11 through 16 out of 50

Book Set 4 - Government and Politics

Ronald Reagan famously stated, “Government is the problem.” But with six selections on government, politics, and economics in this, the fourth set of Well-Read Man Project books, making them part of my reading won’t be any problem at all.

You might not know this, but politics tends to be a controversial topic. And the political selections listed here won’t disappoint. They were controversial before the ink dried had fully dried on their published pages. Here are those six politically charged choices, in order of publication. (Click on a book to access its detail page.)

Book 11
The Prince
by Niccolò Machiavelli
Book 12
by Thomas Hobbes
Book 13
Manifesto of the Communist Party
by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Book 14
Max Havelaar
by Multatuli
Book 15
The Road to Serfdom
by Friedrich Hayek
Book 16
All the King’s Men
by Robert Penn Warren

The Prince starts things off by recommending a powerful leader, while Hobbes’ Leviathan introduces political restraints. The Communist Manifesto lays into the greedy business interests; Hayek sees things differently, as in “Communism bad, business good.” This should be fun.


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