Book Set #5 Revealed – Transformative Crisis for an Individual

Books 17 through 21 out of 50

Book Set 5 - Transformative Crisis for an Individual

One of my main reasons for starting The Well-Read Man Project was to see how great books would transform my life. In several of the reading selections, the main characters go through their own personal transformation, often brought on by a crisis or conflict. Or at least, they should go through a personal transformation. In at least one of these books, the protagonist has transformative input coming in from every direction, but the reviews of the book indicate that the core character remains unfazed to the end.

This fifth set of project books includes five works of individual transformation. (Click on a book to access its detail page.)

Book 17
by Mary Shelley
Book 18
by Herman Melville
Book 19
The Picture of Dorian Gray
by Oscar Wilde
Book 20
The Red Badge of Courage
by Stephen Crane
Book 21
The Catcher in the Rye
by J. D. Salinger

All five of these books are fodder for high school English classes, but I somehow managed to pass through my secondary education without reading any of them. Now it’s time for my freshman composition teacher’s revenge.



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