Book Set #9 Revealed – Science

Books 33 through 34 out of 50

Book Set 9 - Science

The ninth set of books in The Well-Read Man Project encompasses the scientific arts. The candidate list contained about a hundred selections that could be considered science or math, but many of them were filled with thick research: lots of mathematical formulas and complex scientific proofs. They looked really complicated and scary. A few of the books were outdated in that they were superseded by subsequent research. They also looked complicated and scary.

The books included in the final list discuss science at a more common-man level, without the need for advanced degrees. (Click on a book to access its detail page.)

Book 33
The Origin of Species
by Charles Darwin
Book 34
The Logic of Scientific Discovery
by Karl Popper

The Origin of Species is a book of science written by a scientist. And while it has garnered much controversy over the years, it continues to be influential. The Logic of Scientific Discovery has also been influential and controversial, and this despite having been written by a philosopher instead of a scientist.


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