A Novel Challenge

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Novel Challenge

Periodically, I will discuss other web sites that help bring the experience of reading alive. Today is the first such site: A Novel Challenge. Located on the Web at novelchallenges.blogspot.com, this site is a sort of meta-site for other reading blogs and other Internet destinations.

A Novel Challenge aggregates reading challenges from across the blogosphere. Sometimes called “TBR” (to be read) challenges, reading challenges are exactly what you think they are: an encouragement and commitment to read a set number or selection of books in a specific time frame. Sound familiar?

The great thing about the reading challenge on A Novel Challenge is that they are interactive, because they are blogs. And there are so many to choose from. In addition to the boring “read what you want, just read a lot” entries, the site is heavy with themed reads: fairy tales, Christian literature, Japanese books, books with a femme fatale; there are hundreds of categories to choose from. Many of the challenges are finished, but since the blogs are still available, you can use them as a jumping off point for your own reading. There are also many active challenges, with new ones posted all the time. Yours truly even got a mention. Yeah!

If you find that reading along with The Well-Read Man doesn’t fill your daily requirement of book content, head on over to A Novel Challenge and start a fresh set of books today!

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  1. Challenge reading has jumpstarted my reading, introduced me to some new books, and helped me meet some interesting book bloggers. This site has been a huge help to me (both in hosting and in finding challenges to join). Glad to see it getting some good press!


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