Kindle on Fire

New razors for Amazon's eBook blades

Amazon Kindle

Amazon is flexing its well-read muscles again, this time with the release of three new fourth-generation devices: the cheaper Kindle, the touchable Kindle, and the beautiful Kindle. Prices start at an amazing $79 (with ads), and top out at $199 for the advanced model–less than I paid for my first generation Kindle device.

The entry-level Kindle device is a basic reader, with an eInk screen, and–this is new–no keyboard. It has a few basic buttons for controlling the features, but I can’t imagine trying to enter notes about a book by cursoring to each letter. But it’s affordable. The Kindle Touch is just $20 more, and definitely worth it if you have any use for its on-screen keyboard.

Topping out the collection is the Kindle Fire. It’s pricier, but you get cool for those two Benjamins. iPad-like touch interface, access to books, movies, TV shows, email, probably even blenders and skinny jeans from Amazon’s non-book shops. Color. Did I mention that it’s cool? Only the basic Kindle is available now; the Touch and Fire won’t be out until November.

To read more about the new devices, visit the Kindle Store.


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