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Imagine, books from a library!

Ebooks from the Library

The Well-Read Man is the Well-Remodeled Man this week as we revamp our kitchen and bathrooms. So I only have time for a quick update today on a new feature available from your local library: Kindle eBooks. A few weeks ago, released a portion of its Kindle eBook collection to more than 11,000 public libraries for limited loans. Many of these libraries already had books available in the more generic ePub format, but this is the first time that bestsellers and other recent books will be available in Amazon’s proprietary format for free reading.

I checked through the selection available at my local library. Unfortunately, none of the fifty books in the Well-Read Man Project are included. The closest thing was a book by project-list author Salman Rushdie. Also, there was a tourist guide for Las Vegas, perhaps not that different from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, another book on my reading list.

To download Kindle library books, visit the web site for your local library. You can find out more about the program here on’s web site.

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