Pre-Review: War and Peace

A review about an upcoming review

War and Peace

This is not my review for War and Peace. That review is several weeks away. Why? Because Tolstoy’s book is as crazy long to review as it is to read. I estimate it will take me about eighteen hours to type of my notes for the book. Eighteen hours! That’s about how long it would take me to watch the entire Star Wars double-trilogy, including the many hours spent in self-recrimination for watching Episode II again.

All this is to say that my review of War and Peace will come, but not yet. Until then, here are a few interesting items about the book to tide you over.

  • It does have both war and peace, so there’s no false advertising here.
  • It’s got Napoleon Bonaparte. And some other characters.
  • There are two characters named Boris and Natasha, but sadly no Moose and Squirrel.
  • If you printed out the book and laid all the pages end to end, it would certainly take even longer to read.

The Well-Read Man Project

For more information about this book, visit its Well-Read Man Project page.


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