Moby Dick Big Read

Giving a big voice to a big fish


I’m not a big fan of Moby-Dick. Despite the snappy ending, it was one of my least favorite books in the Well-Read Man project. But as with the voting records of politicians, there’s always someone trying to make the thing look better than it is. Welcome to the Moby Dick Big Read project.

Starting just over a week ago, this Melville-centric web site began posting one chapter per day in audio format, read aloud by famous talents, or at least those with great speaking voices. Chapter 1 comes to you via British actress Tilda Swinton. Each chapter also includes a work of visual art meant to evoke the inner whale in each spoken section.

Given the book’s length, it will take several months to complete the chapters. You can follow along through the web site (, iTunes podcast, or RSS feed.

[Image Credits: Library of Congress]



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