Classic Books from Planet X

New York bookstore seeks to save the sci-fi

Books from Planet X

Just because a book is deemed a classic doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Now, a small bookshop in New York City is out to prove it. Singularity & Co. ( vows to “rescue” at least one vintage out-of-print science fiction work each month, converting the books to electronic format. It’s like an intergalactic death ray that makes books!

The project began on Kickstarter, where 1,500 fans of science fiction, fantasy, and pulp fiction committed their dollars and hearts to the cause. So far, Singularity has scanned, proofread, and formatted three works, making them available to its subscribers, and eventually through its online bookstore. A one-year subscription is $29.99 (sorry, no Federation credits accepted), giving you access to all rescued books.

[Image Credits: NASA]


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