The Right Bible for You

New themed Bibles put the focus on what you like.

Gutenberg Bible

NOTE: This post was originally published on October 10, 2007, on my personal blog. I am in the process of moving relevant articles to the Well-Read Man site. Please enjoy this slightly-old reading-related article.

The other day I was at my local mega-mega-bookstore and saw The Archaeological Study Bible shelved in the Bibles section. While I knew that archaeological discoveries over the centuries have helped to shed light on portions of scripture, it never occurred to me to obtain a Bible with information on the discoveries interleaved with the main biblical text.

Specialized Bibles such as this one from Zondervan have been available for years. Other examples include the popular Life Application Study Bible (keyed to your life), the Apologetics Study Bible (to help you debate with atheist nasties), The Reformation Study Bible (to help you debate with Catholic and Protestant nasties), Woman Thou Art Loosed Edition Holy Bible (that sounds fun), The Police Officer’s Bible (yes, it’s a real book), and the classic Oxford Study Bible (now with more Oxfords).

With all of these theme-specific Bibles, some on topics that only loosely parallel the 66 books of the Bible, why not come out with some new Bibles that really give the people what they want to read? Here are just a few samples I came up with.

  • The Sin Study Bible – People, even atheists, will buy this one without even checking the content first.
  • The God Who Is Hard To Understand Study Bible – It wouldn’t explain God any better, but it would sit by your side and commiserate with you.
  • The Just-the-words-of-the-Bible-and-nothing-else Study Bible – Isn’t this what we used to read?
  • The Juicy Parts Study Bible – No more reading 1 or 2 Chronicles!
  • The Betty Crocker Study Bible – Great recipes for manna and wine-from-water.
  • The Study Bible – Bible Sold Separately – Just the entertaining study texts with no actual Bible content to get in the way.


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