Review: Mercury Falls

Book by Rob Kroese

Mercury Falls

NOTE: This post was originally published on November 15, 2009, on my personal blog. I am in the process of moving relevant articles to the Well-Read Man site. Please enjoy this slightly-old reading-related article.

True believers have been trying to pin down the apocalypse since angels first visited the Apostle John on Patmos, a crazy evening 1,900 years ago that perhaps included a few too many late-night chili-dogs. Some of these prognosticators of man’s demise are charismatic, by which I mean that they will force-feed you grape Kool-Aid in your sleep or train you in the use of semi-automatic weapons. Some are even crazy enough to craft multi-volume fiction bestsellers, only to have their main characters played by former child TV stars in low-budget theatrical releases.

But in every pack of end-times extremists is a voice of reason, someone who will make the muddy eschatological waters crystal clear. And standing next to him is Robert Kroese, the class clown, the person who, whether for right or for wrong, is able to bring true joy to something that—let’s face it—is a real downer. In Mercury Falls, Rob’s first novel on the apocalypse, the curtain that separates this world from eternal realities is torn open, revealing a glimpse of heaven normally only seen in a Department of Motor Vehicles field office.

The story centers on Mercury, a middle-class angel in the heavenly bureaucracy who, despite having friends in really high places, is feeling uncomfortable with this whole end-of-the-world thing. Through his dealings with angelic airport stewards, demonic call center agents, and mundane humans, Mercury manages to take the apocalypse to the very brink of Armageddon.

After I originally published this review, selected Rob Kroese as one of its “Emerging Authors” in its AmazonEncore group. Rob has since added two more volumes to the Mercury trilogy: Mercury Rises in October 2011, and Mercury Rests just a few weeks ago in October 2012.

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