Ivo Andrić’s classic novel The Bridge on the Drina—one of the books in the Well-Read Man project—tells the story of the sometimes raging events in a small town near the sometimes raging Drina River in present day Bosnia and Herzegovina. The events in the story are tumultuous, so much so that I imagined an untamable river that cleared away everything but the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge that is at the center of the book’s historical narrative. So I was quite surprised to find a house in the middle of the water.

The small structure sits on a mid-river rock near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia, downstream from the book’s famous bridge, about 20 miles (31 kilometers) as the crow flies. Far from being in peril, the wooden cabin has survived the harsh weather and, like Piglet, being entirely surrounded by water since 1968. To see pictures of the structure and the magnificent river the makes the house a wonder in the first place, read about the 45 Year Old Tiny Serbian Drina River Home at the architecture and style web site inthralld.com.

[Image Credits: inthralld.com]

(For more information on this book, visit its project page.)

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