Answer: Loosely Based Entertainment

Answer to this week's well-read quiz


This week’s quiz pitted classic works against the marginally similar movies that used those books as inspiration. And now, with a Hollywood fanfare ringing in your head, here are the movies from that quiz, and the original books on which they were based.

Apocalypse NowBased on Heart of DarknessCluelessBased on EmmaMy Own Private IdahoBased on Henry IV (Parts 1 and 2) and Henry VOh Brother Where Art Thou?Based on The OdysseyRoxanneBased on Cyrano de BergeracShe’s the ManBased on Twelfth NightStrange BrewBased on HamletTen Things I Hate About YouBased on The Taming of the ShrewWest Side StoryBased on Romeo and Juliet

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