New Book for C# Developers Now Available

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015

I am excited to announce my first book dedicated to C# developers. Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015, released earlier this month, introduces C# and .NET concepts to beginning and intermediate software developers. It does this by doing what professional C# developers do every single day: create entire software applications, from start to finish.

More than a decade ago, I wrote Start-to-Finish Visual Basic 2005, my first introductory book for Windows developers interested in crafting software using Microsoft’s new .NET version of Visual Basic. Back then, C# was relatively new, and Visual Basic was the focus for most Windows developers, especially those writing software for a corporate environment. Visual Basic continues to meet the needs of millions of application developers. But as the .NET Framework has expanded into the world of web-based and mobile apps, C# has grown in popularity. This is due in part to its syntax similarities with Objective-C and Java, languages already popular with mobile developers on non-Windows devices. The time was right, it seemed, to make the training content from my earlier Visual Basic book available to budding C# programmers.

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 covers all major aspects of C# language development, from the core concepts of data management and Object Oriented Programming, to advanced features such as cryptography and lambda expressions. And to put a bit of a marketing spin on this announcement, there’s never been a better time to learn C#. You used to pay hundreds of dollars to get a copy of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Professional, the main tool used to craft .NET applications. But starting with the 2015 edition, Microsoft has transformed that formerly expensive tool into the completely free Visual Studio Community edition. At no cost, it provides all the power needed to build Windows, web-based, and mobile applications using the recently open-sourced .NET Framework as its core technology. The only thing this platform lacks is a guide that teaches you how to use it. Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 solves that problem.

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 is now available in both paperback and ebook formats from all major booksellers. Visit its Owani Press web page for purchasing links, and to download the associated sample code. For individuals and organizations that prefer Visual Basic and its more streamlined access to some of the boilerplate elements of .NET development, Start-to-Finish Visual Basic 2015, released earlier this year, provides the same coverage, but in a convenient Visual Basic package. For those who need to understand the how features of both languages compare, check out C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary, my reference book for .NET developers.


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