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If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Well-Read Man project site over the years, or even if you are a first-time visitor, you have no doubt noticed that the look and feel of the site is—what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah—ugly. That’s because I designed it myself, and as a full-time software developer for more than three decades, I didn’t have time to learn about things like style and drawing straight lines.

All that is about to change. The Well-Read Man site is, at its core, a WordPress site. WordPress is a popular Content Management System, and if you know a bit of computer programming—and I do—you can customize it to meet your needs. But that’s only if your needs are within your grasp. If, like me, you don’t have the artistic temperament, you can obtain, for little or no cost, prebuilt WordPress templates that provide the illusion of raw talent.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking into different templates. Some of the free options are quite basic, providing little more than a 2016 twist on what my site already offers. But if you are willing to plunk down some plastic at your Visa card’s standard interest rate, you can buy a template that is beautiful out of the box, and that can be customized in your image using tools that even art-phobes like me can comprehend.

After many hours comparing features and options, I finally settled on a template called Newspaper, from a vendor named tagDiv. It looks awesome, or at least, it looks like it can do awesome things. It remains to be seen if I can wield the power appropriately. But if all goes well, you will see a transformation to this site occur in stages over the next few weeks. (If you are interested in other template options, here are some of the top contenders that I decided against: MagOne, NewsDesk, WooHoo, Goliath, and Master.)

Beyond the beauty, content changes are also coming to the site. Starting this week, articles will be more frequent, and will cover a more consistent range of topics. I’ll still talk about books, technology, and politics. But I’ll also add articles on philosophy and religion, humor, history, and other topics of interest to both you and me.

I look forward to the changes coming to the site, and I hope you will enjoy them with me. As the updates roll out on the site, be sure to let your friends know that they can read along with you directly on the Well-Read Man web site, through an email subscription, by following an RSS feed, on Facebook, or via Twitter.

[Image Credits: tagDiv]


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