VSM: Conflicts in C# and Visual Basic

Visual Studio Magazine

Back in 2015, I published the C#-Visual Basic Bilingual Dictionary, a book that helps .NET developers understand C# code from a Visual Basic perspective, and vice versa. I needed the information in the book for a project I was working on, and I always expected that the target audience for the book would be on the small side. But it turns out that .NET programmers who deal with both languages are everywhere. And so Visual Studio Magazine, one of the key publications for .NET developers, asked me to publish a series of articles dealing with differences between the two languages. The first article in that series came out in June 2016.

The article is called “Conflicts in C# and Visual Basic,” and it deals with the potential identifier conflicts that can occur when an overall .NET solution includes both C# and Visual Basic elements.

To read the full article, browse over to the Visual Studio Magazine web site. After you consume the article, be sure to leave comments, or read the other great articles found on that web site.

[Image Credits: Visual Studio Magazine]


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