VSM: Experiencing Nothingness in C# and Visual Basic

Visual Studio Magazine

Back in June, I became an official “regular contributor” to Visual Studio Magazine, and began crafting a series of articles on the overlap between the Visual Basic and C# languages. The second article in the series bears the title “Experiencing Nothingness in C# and Visual Basic,” but don’t let the title fool you. There’s something of substance in there.

The article covers the .NET concept of null, or Nothing as it is known to Visual Basic developers. Null is the absence of data, and both of the key .NET languages make regular use of it. But there are important, and sometimes troubling, differences in how C# and Visual Basic interact with this void of data.

To discover the inner secrets of .NET nothingness, read the full article on the Visual Studio Magazine web site. When you’re finished with that content, don’t forget to return here to ensure that nothing on this site has gotten past you.

[Image Credits: Visual Studio Magazine]


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