Self-Evident Book Interview with History Podcaster Bruce Carlson!

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to sit down—virtually that is, over Skype—with Bruce Carlson, host of the My History Can Beat Up Your Politics podcast. The show’s episodes cover various topics from America’s history, from its founding to modern times. And it’s been around for more than a decade, nearly long enough to be the topic of a history podcast.

Of course, there are many podcasts that cover history. This show is different, thanks to how the host compares historical events to what is going on today. Are you a presidential candidate who won the popular vote but lost the Oval Office? You aren’t the first. Wondering what impact a government shutdown will have? Take a look into past shutdowns to see how they might compare. Impeachment on your mind? It was on the minds of congressmen back in the 1860s as well. These topical episodes cover a historical event in depth before trying to tackle the modern counterpart. The goal is to understand what might happen today in light of what happened in a similar situation decades or centuries ago.

In addition to these event-focused episodes, Mr. Carlson also does book reviews and author interviews. In the March 14, 2018 episode, Bruce and I discuss my new book, Self-Evident: Discovering the Ideas and Events That Made the Declaration of Independence Possible. In the 30-minute interview, we discuss the Declaration’s large section on the grievances, with a special focus on how Jefferson’s documentation of Britain’s abuses more than 240 years ago might apply to us today.

Beyond his standard podcast series, Bruce offers a “premium podcast” with even more in-depth research, and access to the full archive of all of his shows, going back to 2006. Whether you access this advanced series, or start out with his standard podcast episodes, you are sure to enhance your own understanding of modern American events by discovering what came before.

To listen to my interview with Bruce, or to experience any of his other podcast episodes, visit the My History Can Beat Up Your Politics web site. The podcasts are also available through iTunes, Stitcher, or other popular podcast platforms.

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