Thank You for Reading!

Well-Read Man Says Goodbye

Thank You for Reading

The Well-Read Man Project began on May 1, 2011, with one simple goal: to read fifty of life’s most important books in just one year. It was a challenging run through 15,000 pages of sometimes dense, sometimes thrilling content. But the fun didn’t stop there. Once the core fifty books were done, I moved on to American history, philosophy, and politics, topics I’ve always had a passion for. About two years ago, I started blogging about the ideas I encountered, and how those ideas could help bring clarity to our modern discourse.

I hoped that the ideas I discovered in those classic works, especially in the Enlightenment texts from which America’s founders derived its core principles, could be helpful in discussing recent events. They certainly brought clarity to me, and as I communicated them through the posts on this web site, perhaps you found them helpful as well.

Unfortunately, it has been increasingly difficult to write with joy on political subjects. Politics has always been a blood sport, and I expected debate and conflict. But that conflict seems to be everywhere now, not just on political blogs, but in a large share of news stories, on Facebook, and even in movies and music, entertainments that had once brought relief from the world’s pressures.

I have decided to withdraw for a time from overt participation in the conflict. Therefore, I will be bringing the Well-Read Man Project to a close. If you have enjoyed my writings, do not fret. I will continue to publish books on various topics, from computer technology to history, and from religion to humor. My public Facebook page will have the latest information on my articles and books. You can also visit Owani Press to discover new books as they come out.

Thank you for joining me in this reading adventure over the past seven years. I gained much, not only from the great content I was able to consume, but from my many interactions with you. I urge to you to seek out the great ideas throughout your life. And remember: Clarity is Everything.

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