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Tim Patrick spent twelve months plowing through fifty of the world’s most important and complicated books. He also writes books. For fun.

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Review #37: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights, the mid-nineteenth century romantic work by Emily Brontë, is pretty depressing.

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Signing of the US Constitution

The President as the Tool of the Congress

The original vision of the president as proposed by the constitutional framers completely omitted the expressed will of the people.
Mela Coffee

A Visit to the Local Coffee Roaster

Last Thursday, September 29, was National Coffee Day, and to celebrate, I attended an open house hosted by a local coffee roaster.
Visual Studio Magazine

VSM: Experiencing Nothingness in C# and Visual Basic

In my recent Visual Studio Magazine article, I explore the concept of nothingness in the Visual Basic and C# languages.
Quick Mastery of Vocabulary

Review: Quick Mastery of Vocabulary

An introduction to 日本語単語スペード・マスター for Japanese students taking the JLPT N3 exam.
State of the Church 2016

Barna’s State of the Church 2016

The Barna Group releases the 2016 update to its annual analysis of the American church and religious beliefs in the US.
Visual Studio Magazine

VSM: Conflicts in C# and Visual Basic

My first in a series of articles written for Visual Studio Magazine. This one covers the exciting world of identifier naming conflicts.
Woodstock, North Dakota

Meme Clarity: Woodstock, North Dakota

The first installment of Meme Clarity looks at a recent viral image of the oil pipeline protests in North Dakota.
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Well-Read Man Site Refresh

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