About Well-Read Man

Well-Read Man

Well-Read Man began back in 2011 as a project to read “fifty of life’s most important books” in just twelve months. With that project came the understanding that our personal and national struggles are not new, but have been pondered and written about by some of the most thoughtful authors in history. Those who fail to learn from history, they say, are doomed to repeat it. But those who don’t even bother with the “learn” part of that platitude should not expect any respite from the doom.

The purpose of Well-Read Man is to introduce some of the most important ideas and writings from those who came before—whether from centuries ago, or just last week. By examining our history, we can give wisdom and common sense a fighting chance in helping our families, our cities, and our world.

Tim Patrick, your host for Well-Read Man, spent one year plowing through 15,000 pages of great content. Being well-read, it turns out, is not accomplished through such one-time projects, but through a daily, relentless struggle with mankind’s higher ideals, a struggle that is best done with others.

When he’s not hidden behind a book, Tim spends each day developing custom software applications for small- and medium-sized businesses. Way back in 2007, Microsoft welcomed Tim into its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program thanks to the assistance he provides to beginning and intermediate developers. He earned his computer science degree from Seattle Pacific University, and began work on his very first book while sitting in a class at that prestigious institution.

To contact Tim Patrick, email him at tim@timaki.com, or reach out to him through Facebook and Twitter.

To learn about Tim’s published books, visit his books page.