Microsoft ADO.NET 4 Step by Step

Microsoft ADO.NET 4 Step by Step

Microsoft ADO.NET 4.0 Step by Step
by Tim Patrick
Published by Microsoft Press, October 2010
ISBN 978-0735638884

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Teach yourself how to use ADO.NET 4, the data access technology that helps you create data-focused software faster and easier. With STEP BY STEP, you set the pace — building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!

Gain a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts and tools provided with ADO.NET 4.0, one feature at a time. With clear discussions and hands-on examples written in Visual Basic and C#, you’ll move step-by-step through the learning process.

  • Manage data and information in a database-like fashion — without access to a database
  • Connect to external data sources, including databases and other standard data formats
  • Use Entity Framework to interact with underlying data stores
  • Learn why LINQ is a popular tool for analyzing information retrieved by ADO.NET
  • Drive information to end users by binding data directly to Windows Forms and Web Forms
  • Go beyond the core functionality of ADO.NET to manipulate data in advanced ways

Your online learning resources include:

  • Files for building skills and practicing the book’s lessons
  • Examples and code in both the Visual Basic and C# languages
  • Fully searchable eBook

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