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Tim Patrick is a software architect and developer with more than 30 years of experience in designing and building custom software solutions. He is the author of multiple books on Microsoft technologies, and was selected as a Microsoft MVP for his support to the programming community. Tim earned his degree in computer science from Seattle Pacific University.
Thank You for Reading

Thank You for Reading!

It's time to bring this adventure to a close. Thank you to everyone who read, commented, or followed the Well-Read Man Project over these past seven years.
Change Is Hard

This Weekend’s “March for Our Lives” Event Won’t Change Anything, and Here’s Why

This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of youth descended on Washington, DC, to demand changes in gun control legislation across the nation. The end.
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Self-Evident Book Interview with History Podcaster Bruce Carlson!

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to sit down with Bruce Carlson, host of the My History Can Beat Up Your Politics podcast, to discuss my book, Self-Evident.
Why Conservatives Like Guns

Why Conservatives Like Guns

The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida once again raises that pesky question: Why are conservatives so gaga about firearms?
The Aggravation of Complicated Truths

The Aggravation of Complicated Truths

What causes ordinary, caring people to use outright lies and deception to promote their political views?

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