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Tim Patrick is a software architect and developer with more than 30 years of experience in designing and building custom software solutions. He is the author of multiple books on Microsoft technologies, and was selected as a Microsoft MVP for his support to the programming community. Tim earned his degree in computer science from Seattle Pacific University.
Rejected Books

Books I’m Rejecting – A-For-Effort Works

I think it was Niccolò Macchiavelli who once said, "Why use a pair of pruning scissors when a Weed Eater® will do just as well."
Ice Disaster

Books That Might Have Been Great

In general, I would shy away from the month of May when making end-times predictions.
Rejected Books

Books I’m Rejecting – Reruns

When culling a list of 1,700-plus books down to just fifty, there is bound to be an awful lot of rejection. Fortunately, most of the authors represented have long since passed on to their eternal reward, so I don't need to feel guilty about it. Or do I?
Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, at least to my American readers.
Tristram Shandy

Who Is Tristram Shandy?

I had never heard of Tristram Shandy until a few weeks ago. But now I can't seem to avoid him.

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Dennis Ritchie, Programmer, Author

This past weekend, Dennis Ritchie, software developer and technical author, passed away at age 70. Arguably even more important to our technological age than Steve Jobs, Mr. Ritchie was unknown to most of the hundred of millions of people who benefit from his work every day.

Review #49: Neuromancer

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