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Tim Patrick is a software architect and developer with more than 30 years of experience in designing and building custom software solutions. He is the author of multiple books on Microsoft technologies, and was selected as a Microsoft MVP for his support to the programming community. Tim earned his degree in computer science from Seattle Pacific University.
James Dean

Portrait of the Künstlerroman as a Young Man

People who classify books professionally have developed some predefined categories that cover many fictional works, some obviously made up just for laughs.
Multiple Queues

Classifications and Categories

Even trying to categorize books by the gender of the author can be a time-consuming task.
Wanted: Jane Austen

Dangerous Me

Academics in literature programs, in their frenzy to solve possibly unsolvable problems, think and say some of the strangest things.
The Case for Books

Review: The Case for Books

If you are going to write a book on books, you had better know something about them. The author of The Case for Books, Robert Darnton, knows books, their forms, their contents, their history, and even their abuses.
Keynes and Hayek

Rap the Classics

Today's theme song is a little street ditty that pits The Man against The Austrian Man: economist John Maynard Keynes versus his foil Friedrich A. Hayek.

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Banned Books Week

This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of Banned Books Week, an annual remembrance of attempts to censor published books, both great and not so great.
Kemeny and Kurtz

Revolution, BASICally

War and Peace

Review #50: War and Peace