Book #5: Meditations on First Philosophy

Meditations on First Philosophy

by René Descartes

In this landmark philosophical work, Descartes tries to identify that which can be known for certain by first discarding everything that cannot. Most people know Meditations on First Philosophy as the source of the expression, “I think, therefore, I am.” But the six metaphysical meditations in the book go beyond discussions of the self, also touching on the existence of God, the human mind, and infinity.

For the project, I obtained a copy of the book as translated in 1911 by Elizabeth Haldane. This version of the English text is 62 e-pages long. Also included in the same book is the related Discourse on the Method, also by Descartes. If I haven’t had it up to my neck with philosophy by the end of Meditations, I may go ahead and read Discourse as well.

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