Book #8: The Qur’an

The Qur'an

dictated by Mohammed

The Qur’an is the core text of the Muslim religion. According to Islamic beliefs, the angel Gabriel communicated the content of the book to the prophet Muhammad in the early seventh century AD. The 114 chapters of the book are arranged by length, not chronology. Although at times controversial, the content of the Qur’an nonetheless guides the lives and beliefs of the world’s more than one billion Muslims.

For the reading project, I will use the 1938 translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, one of the most widely-used English translations of the Islamic text. Ali’s work is not a word-by-word translation, by an idea-by-idea conversion, which should make the text a little clearer to English readers like me. The electronic copy that I will read is 530 pages long.

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