Book #13: Manifesto of the Communist Party

Communist Manifesto

by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Written decades before the formation of any communist state, The Communist Manifesto lays out the principal ideas of what has since become known as Marxism. In this short work, Marx and Engels define the class struggle between the Bourgeois and Proletarians, the malevolent oppressors and their serfs. The authors predict the rise of the working class, and defined the conditions for a new state based on community ownership of all property and of the means of production.

For the project, I will read the 1888 edition of the manifesto as translated by Samuel Moore. Friedrich Engels worked with Moore to ensure the core ideas made it into English. The electronic copy I obtained is 34 pages long. In addition to the core text, there are seven different prefaces dating from 1872 to 1893, with different prefaces targeting German (times 3), Russian, English, Polish, and Italian audiences.

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