Book #14: Max Havelaar

Max Havelaar

by Multatuli

Max Havelaar is a nineteenth century novel written by Dutch author Eduard Douwes Dekker, using the pen name Multatuli. It is little known today; only one small private library in my area had a copy on its shelves. Yet in its day, it had a dramatic influence on Dutch commerce and trade, and was instrumental in reshaping Dutch colonialism.

When I first decided on this book, I was glad to discover that a electronic version of the text was available for free, already formatted for my reading device. When I finally downloaded it, my gladness departed. The free version was in the original Dutch. Another version was available for a nominal charge, but that was in German. I beheld a pattern.

Sadly, the book is unavailable in electronic form in English (except for hard-to-read page scans). Instead, I purchased a paper copy, the 1967 translation by Roy Edwards, sold by the Penguin Group. This edition includes a short introduction, with the main text spanning 300 pages.

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