Book #28: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

by William Shakespeare

Hamlet is considered the greatest of the Shakespearean tragedies, and therefore, everyone dies at the end of the play. But before they die, Prince Hamlet kills his uncle, the usurper of his father’s throne, and marries the queen. If this plot sounds familiar, it’s because there are Oedipal overtones in the story. But Shakespeare’s play is distinct from the Greek tragedy, and both are worthy of being read and viewed.

For the project, I will read an electronic copy of Hamlet. At my standard font size, the play is 207 pages, the longest of the five dramas in the project. I will also view the play once I finish my reading. I’m leaning toward one of the most recent presentations, the 2010 performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company, as broadcast on PBS’s Great Performances.

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