Book #30: Wilhelm Tell

William Tell

by Friedrich von Schiller

Schiller’s play Wilhelm Tell (typically anglicized as “William Tell”) dramatizes the legend of Tell, the fourteenth century hero of Switzerland. In the story, Tell is captured by the local Hapsburg leader and forced to shoot an arrow off of his own son’s head. Tell succeeds, and goes on to kill the tyrant leader, play a role in the independence of the Swiss, and have a play written about himself.

For the project, I found an English copy of the play that was translated in 1870 by Theodore Martin. It’s an electronic version, and is 134 pages. As with The Misanthrope, it may not be possible to watch a video production of Wilhelm Tell. The only filmed version I could find in English was a 1953 movie starting Errol Flynn. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been released into the consumer market.

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