Programming Visual Basic 2008

Programming Visual Basic 2008

Programming Visual Basic 2008
by Tim Patrick
Published by O’Reilly Media, May 2008
ISBN 978-0596518431

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Build .NET 3.5 Applications with Microsoft’s Popular RAD Tool for Business

If you want to learn Visual Basic, and plan on using it to develop anything beyond a ten-line sample, this is the book for you. Programming Visual Basic 2008 walks you through the major features of Visual Basic 2008, including new features like LINQ and lambda expressions. While taking that walk, you’ll build an entire business-quality database application chapter-by-chapter.

Important Note for Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition Users

Microsoft has identified a bug in the Express Edition of Visual Basic 2008 that may prevent some readers from installing the ‘VSI’ portion of the book’s source code download. A workaround from Microsoft is available. To access the workaround, click here for the publisher’s page for the book. On that page, click on the Download Example Code link near the right side of the page. From the list of files that appears, download these two files:

  • Info-VB2008_Express_VSI_Issue.txt
  • Fix-VB2008_Express_VSI_Issue.reg

The ‘Fix’ file contains the workaround. The ‘Info’ file provides instructions for installing the workaround.

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