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Christians Voting

Can a Christian Vote for Trump?

Donald Trump certainly isn't making the 2016 election easy for American Christians, with many asking if they can vote for someone so odious.
State of the Church 2016

Barna’s State of the Church 2016

The Barna Group releases the 2016 update to its annual analysis of the American church and religious beliefs in the US.
There Is a God

Review: There Is A God

Book review of There Is a God, by professor and former atheist Antony Flew
The Man from Earth

The Man From Earth

Last week I watched the 2007 movie The Man From Earth. As a source of accurate information about books, it falls short.

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Textual Concurrency

One book at a time? Boring. I typically have two or three main books active at once, plus a few supporting books in progress for lesser concerns.
Oedipus Rex

Review #27: Oedipus Rex

Neville Marriner

An Ode to Soundtracks

Think a Second Time

Review: Think a Second Time