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How to Stop Donald Trump

How to Stop Donald Trump

Trump has shown that he is not dissuaded by mass rallies, and judicial injunctions only work with Supreme Court agreement. But there are constitutional ways to limit the president's power.
The Founders Anticipated Hackers

Yes, the Founders Did Anticipate Russian Hackers

Many Democrats are calling for an end to the Electoral College because the Founders could not have anticipated foreign threats like Russian computer hackers. Actually, they did.
Supreme Court Weakling

No More 98-Pound Supreme Court Weakling

Many American voters worry about the powerful changes that presidential candidates will make to the Supreme Court. But this was never supposed to be such a big deal.
Signing of the US Constitution

The President as the Tool of the Congress

The original vision of the president as proposed by the constitutional framers completely omitted the expressed will of the people.
Let a Thousand Senators Bloom

Let a Thousand Senators Bloom

When people say that the US Constitution is a "living, breathing document," what the really mean is that the amendments to the Constitution are...

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