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Fake News

Fake News, Fake Conclusions

People complain about fake news, and rightly so. But there's another fake thing that's even worse.
Partial Information

Surviving in a World of Partial Information

Much of what passes today for in-depth analysis is merely partial information based on rough extrapolations and hearsay. Yet we still trust it.
Yard Signs

Undecided Voters Plan Final Tour, Analysis of Yard Signs

Unsure of how to vote this November, voters are looking to one source they know they can trust.
Brian Williams

Poor Brian Williams. Poor America.

Brian Williams' fibs are bad news for news, but there is a worse trend in modern reporting, one where a reporter's lies stem not from self-interest, but from a clear break with reality.
American Racism is Basically Over

American Racism is Basically Over

"Racist" has become the go-to explanation for many of America's current woes. But racism in America is basically over.

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