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The Bell Curve

Review: The Bell Curve

Nearly 25 years ago, The Bell Curve shocked the nation by saying that IQ makes a difference. Naturally, everyone replaced "IQ" with "race" and subsequently went crazy.
Confused About Race

We are All Confused about Race

I was told to judge people by character and not by skin color. Was that wrong?
Invisible Man

Review #24: Invisible Man

In Invisible Man, author Ralph Ellison presents 'a fictional character who was bent upon finding his way in areas of society whose manners, motives and rituals were baffling.' Isn't that Harry Potter?

More to Read

Review #47: The Stranger

The Stranger, Albert Camus' 1946 pseudo-existentialist classic, was my most feared book in the Well-Read Man project.
There Is a God

Review: There Is A God

Johnny Carson

Review: Johnny Carson