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It's Not All Bad News

Today’s Breaking News: It’s Not All Bad News

Here in the twenty-first century, "news" means "bad news." But a fair reading of events sometimes turns bad news into ordinary news.
Fake News

Fake News, Fake Conclusions

People complain about fake news, and rightly so. But there's another fake thing that's even worse.
Partial Information

Surviving in a World of Partial Information

Much of what passes today for in-depth analysis is merely partial information based on rough extrapolations and hearsay. Yet we still trust it.

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The Problem with eBooks

Later this summer I will join with some friends for a weekend of camping in the mountains. It will be lovely: fresh air by day, star-filled skies by night; no phones, no lights, no motorcars. And no electricity. How will I charge my eBook reader?