The Visual Basic .NET Style Guide

Visual Basic .NET Style Guide

The Visual Basic .NET Style Guide
by Tim Patrick
Published by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, 2001
ISBN 0-13-034862-7

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The Visual Basic .NET Style Guide helps you bring clarity to your programming development and source code. Programmers use standards (such as XML) to help them implement professional applications. But have you ever looked at their source code? Arrrgh! When you program, especially as part of a team, you must work within a set of standards that guide your development. The Visual Basic .NET Style Guide provides these standards, and also emphasizes the underlying attitudes that drive the standards: discipline, planning, and ethics.

The Visual Basic .NET Style Guide is a fully-updated version of The Visual Basic Style Guide. It is useful with all versions of Visual Basic .NET, and includes several fully-rewritten chapters based on input from readers and developers.

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